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SEO in Puerto Vallarta

Whow to rank in the first page of Google?

The presence of your website on the first page of Google is essential: The most beautiful storefront or the best on-line shop is worthless if nobody knows it exists. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) applied to your website makes your business visible to internet users, most of the Web designers do not include this service in Web development services, as it is considered a different specialty

How to build a SEO strategy?

A successful SEO strategy is the assurance of qualified traffic for your site. However, most of the New Website owners in Puerto Vallarta spend their budget in Marketing Campaigns, such as Facebook ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. While paid advertising brings in immediate results, organic SEO results are long-term. We build a solid white hat SEO strategy that lasts over time.

We do White SEO from scratch

All of our websites are designed to maximize the digital channels employed and SEO is no exception. Our SEO team works alongside our web design team over the course of the project to ensure that the website is built with SEO in mind enabling your brand to grow through organic traffic. From wireframes and menu structures to layout and page titles, our SEO team ensures that, upon launch, each brand’s website is set for an on-going SEO project where required.

SEO Domains

Domain SEO is the practice of optimizing owned domains to make them more reachable to human searches in the Internet. To create an SEO domain name involves choosing the correct key words, and a top level domain (TLD) to create the perfect web identity, thats why we mostly offer .COM domains, because there will always be more chances to be indexed over a .net or a .one domain name.

Why to use white hat SEO?

In search engine optimization terminology, white hat SEO (also called Ethical SEO) refers to the usage of legit hand made optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a targeted audience and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

White Hat SEO is more frequently used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their website. We carefully choose specific keywords and adapt your content to ensure concordance with real human Google searches. We take care and organize your page headings, commonly used wrong as design elements, and not as SEO tools. We also will define your snippets on each page of your website and will ensure your website content matches with the overall strategy among other activities